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A beautiful smile for young and old, which lasts a lifetime!


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A complete change is possible and we will provide it to you.


A perfectly arranged smile is indispensable at any age.

Dr. Byalev

Aesthetic Dentistry

I will make your beautiful smile possible! Dr. Byalev has 8 years of experience in aesthetic dentistry. He is the founder of the dental clinic "IMPRESSION DENT" in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is constantly working to develop his dental practice with an understanding of patients and their needs. One of the best specialists in aesthetic dentistry, he relies on high quality medical materials of the latest generation, following the trends in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Yana Mohammad-Byaleva


I will make sure you have a perfectly arranged smile. Dr. Yana Mohammad-Byaleva graduated from the Medical University "Faculty of Dental Medicine" in Plovdiv, and during her training she focused on her main interests in dental medicine, namely orthodontics and aesthetics.

About Impression Dent

We will greet you with a smile, and you will leave with one.

Our young and ambitious team will restore your confidence to smile broadly, applying the most modern and innovative treatment practices and technologies in a pleasant and calm environment where there is no fear and pain.

“We, the team of IMPRESSION DENT clinic rely mainly on high quality, individual attitude and innovative technologies. We believe that trust between patient and doctor is paramount and that is why personal relationships have become our mission. It is very important for us that both the patient and the dentist work together throughout the treatment period, as well as afterwards. We know that behind each individual case, there is a patient who trusts our skills and professionalism and wants to change his life, changing his smile. We change lives! Trust Impression Dent. ”

Why choosing Impression Dent ?