Storage of dental stem cells

Thedental pulp inside the tooth contains your own unique stem cells. Your dental pulp stem cells have a perfect match with you and also have a significant ability to match other family members. Collecting and storing stem cells from dental pulp is therefore an excellent opportunity to take these vital cells so that they can be used as a unique biological insurance that can one day help save your life if you face a serious illness. or medical condition.

What can they be used for dental stem cells ?

Stem cells taken from teeth (mesenchymal stem cells) can play an important role in the recovery or regenerative treatment of diseases such as:

Extraction of stem cells from calf's teeth

There is a reservoir of dental pulp in the heart of your children’s teeth and there is a supply of precious stem cells inside. They are known as mesenchymal stem cells.

These stem cells have the ability to change into many different cell types that may be able to repair joints, muscles, bones, nerves, and even a damaged heart.