д-р Ибрахим Бялев от Дентална клиника Impression Dent

Hello, I am Dr. Byalev

Do you want a new 

Dr. Byalev has 8 years of experience in dental aesthetics. He is the founder of IMPRESSION DENT dental clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He is constantly working to develop his dental practice, with an understanding of patients and their needs.

One of the best professionals in aesthetic dentistry(veneering, zirconium crowns, professional office whitening, prostheses, bonding, aesthetic restorations, therapeutic dentistry, etc.) it relies on high quality medical materials of the latest generation, following the trends in the field of dental medicine.

At the moment he specializes in the Department of PROSTHETIC DENTAL MEDICINE at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the Medical University of Sofia.

I have visited many for my development courses lectures seminars

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