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Genetic research

Genetic research

The team of IMPRESSION DENT Clinic always try to be informed in detail about all the latest developments in dental medicine and treatment. In our work we rely on research as a key factor for the quality of treatment procedures.

With us you will get the clearest possible results in conducting research.

In our practice the focus of the research is the study that identifies the cause of periodontitis. This is done by a genetic evaluation test. This is done thanks to a genetic evaluation test.


Why do this research and what are your real benefits from it?

Why choose this test and who it is suitable for?

This test is suitable for patients:


Why is the test for periodontitis extremely important and why do we rely on it at the IMPRESSION DENT clinic?

The study to assess periodontitis is a DNA test that proves the presence of the five most common bacterial causes of periodontitis, namely:


The tests at the IMPRESSION DENT clinic are conducted in partnership with the Genika laboratory, which has 20 years of experience in genetic research in Bulgaria.

In addition to the test, the patient receives information about his genetic predisposition to develop possible periodontitis.

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