Invisalign aligners

What are Invisalign aligners ?

Start your exciting journey to a more beautiful smile with Invisalign's transparent liners. The Invisalign system is the world's most advanced technology for aligners.
The Invisalign liner system is 

What is Invisalign ?

Invisaline – the transparent alternative to braces!

Invisaline is a very advanced method equivalent to treatment with braces and can be used to treat diagnoses such as:

Invisible braces are made using 3D technology, which shows how the teeth will shift each time the brace is moved. That is, you have the opportunity to see before starting treatment what your teeth will look like after treatment

This makes this method completely predictable, because even before your dentist puts invisaline braces, you can see what your smile will look like after just a few procedures.

How Invisalign system works

Unlike ordinary braces, Invisalline technology is a series of transparent splints, each worn for one week. They are made in such a way as to gradually shift the arrangement of the teeth in order to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

Invisible braces are comfortable to wear, invisible and do not cause discomfort, do not interfere with speech, which makes them preferred by both small and large patients.

Duration of treatment

The timing depends on various factors, including the condition of your bite and how crooked your teeth are. On average, for most adults, the treatment process takes about a year, but can take up to two years. The liners should be worn for approximately 20 to 22 hours each day, throughout your treatment. The results largely depend on how consistently you do it.

Invisalign aligners price ?

The initial consultation with Invisalign is free. The Impression Dent team also offers flexible payment terms that make it easier for most of our patients.

The price of Invisalign depends on the complexity of the treatment and the specific features of the teeth in each patient.