Pediatric orthodontic treatment

When should the first examination be performed at orthodontist ?

It is best to do this when the child is 2-3 years old and no later than 7 years old. The earlier a visit to a specialist is scheduled, the better. Some problems are much easier to eliminate in early childhood.

What problems do we solve through childhood ?

Through precise diagnosis and timely treatment we deal with:

Early treatment

The first phase of treatment has mainly an orthopedic effect and aims to balance the forces between the tongue and facial muscles, which contributes to proper tooth, facial and jaw growth (between 7 and 9 years)

Unremovable devices

ортодонтско лечение дентална клиника Impression Dent гр.София

RPE (rapid palatal expander)

Device for rapid expansion. In case of shortage of space with accumulation of teeth in the upper jaw

lip bumper дентална клиника Impression Dent гр.София

Lip Bumper

An auxiliary device that preserves space for the normal eruption of permanent teeth in the lower jaw.

детско ортодонтско лечение дентална клиника Impression Dent гр.София

2x4 braces and rings

Removable devices - Lingual plate


Extraoral devices



Hedger is an extraoral device that is used in combination with braces or removable devices and is used to slow the growth of the upper jaw.

Face-Mask-Ортодонтско лечение дентална клиника ImpressionDent

Face mask

The face mask is an extraoral removable device that supports the growth of the upper jaw.

Late treatment

It starts at 10-12 years for girls and at 12-14 years for boys.

In case you miss the early treatment after the eruption of the permanent teeth, a full orthodontic treatment is done. Braces and extraoral devices are placed if necessary.

It has an effect on the arrangement of the teeth, directs the growth of the jaws and corrects the jaw deformities.

Ортодонт Доктор Яна Мохаммад-Бялева

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Dr. Yana Mohammad-Byaleva


I will make sure you have a perfectly arranged smile. Dr. Yana Mohammad-Byaleva graduated from the Medical University "Faculty of Dental Medicine" in Plovdiv, and during her training she focused on her main interests in dental medicine, namely orthodontics and aesthetics.

Achieved results

You can see some of the results achieved after orthodontic treatment
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