Orthodontic treatment in adults

What is it orthodontic treatment in adults?

You can always have straight and beautiful teeth

When orthodontic treatment there is no age limit

The placement of braces in adults is after the end of active skeletal growth – over 16 years.

The growth and development of the jaws is over and this is one of the reasons to resort to tooth extraction if necessary.
This provides space for the arrangement of the other teeth in the jaw.

In case your orthodontic plan requires tooth extraction, at the end of your treatment the empty spaces are closed and your smile will retain its charm and beauty.

Complex treatment

Orthodontic treatment is needed to improve masticatory function and aesthetics

Periodontal orthodontic treatment

Heavily crowded teeth create very bad conditions for the dental apparatus. As a result of the worsened conditions for cleaning teeth and occlusal trauma with improperly arranged teeth, there is a deterioration of periodontal health, caries and its complications, leading to tooth loss, and hence to disorders of function and aesthetics.

Implant orthodontic treatment

Providing enough space for implant placement in the absence of an embryo or extracted tooth

Prosthetic orthodontic treatment

Achieving a functional bite before prosthetic treatment