X-ray diagnostics

Our devices have a mode of operation with a minimum dose of ionizing radiation. We use the highest class lead vests to protect you from X-rays, because your safety is our priority.


Digital segmental radiography

This type of photo of teeth shows the entire tooth – from the crown to the end of the root, as well us the bone around.

They are used to detect pathological changes in the teeth and their surrounding bone – caries, fractures of tooth roots, periodontal pockets, abscesses, cysts and more. Dental photos provide important information for root canal treatment, for diagnosing and tracking changes around dental implants, and are also part of planning some surgical interventions.

Digital panoramic radiography

Orthopantomography, OPG

The quality of the digital image is higher than that of ordinary X-ray film.

Shows a panoramic image of the dentition, jaws, maxillary sinuses and temporomandibular joints

It is used for diagnostics in treatment in the field of: therapy, prosthetics, endodontics, surgery and orthodontics.