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Dr. Ibrahim Byalev

Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Byalev has 8 years of experience in dental aesthetics. He is the founder of Dental clinic IMPRESSION DENT in Sofia, Bulgaria. He works continuously in developing his dental practice, with an understanding towards patients and their needs.

Dr. Yana Mohammad Byaleva

Aesthetic Orthodontist

Dr. Yana Mohammad – Byaleva graduated from the Medical University, “Faculty of Dental Medicine” in the city of Plovdiv, and already during her studies, she has focused on her main interests in dentistry, namely orthodontics, and aesthetics.

Dr. Mihail Glavinov

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Glavinov's calmness is his distinguishing feature, but it is not entirely due to chance. Our surgeon's confidence is backed by years of experience and work on many and varied cases.

Dr. Mert Karaysenov


Young and ambitious, Dr. Karaysenov gained experience at IMPRESSION DENT by successfully studying dental medicine after already graduating in dental technology. In addition to being a promising young dentist, Dr. Karayseniv is one of the most brilliant colleagues in the Impression Dent team and a true gentleman, as the gentle half of the team can attest.



Ivanna gained her solid experience as an operating room nurse in one of the most renowned multidisciplinary hospitals in the country. However, dentistry and more specifically cosmetic dentistry is her passion and as part of the Impression Dent team she is among the "culprits" of many changed smiles. Always cheerful and smiling, she is one of those people who can make you feel good immediately. Outside of the clinic, Ivanna is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters and a pet.


Dental assistant

Peter's energy is comparable to that of a nuclear reactor - always ready for adventure and dedicated to his work. He captivates everyone with his charming smile, and art is his second nature. It is not by chance that he often takes the role of cameraman and shoots a large part of the clinic's advertising campaign footage.


Dental assistant

Debora started her professional career in an approved dental clinic in the capital, and today she is part of Impression Dent’s stellar team. Although educated in business and entrepreneurship, realized that her calling is the smiles of the patients she cared for on a daily basis. With a wink, she admits that she likes rest and parties more than work, although in the office she radiates only professionalism.

Vanya Trendafcheva

General Manager

Vanya is a person with many vocations (and educations), so it is no surprise that she is so good at running the entire clinic and its processes. After many years as a financial manager in the corporate world, today, she is the person who leads the clinic forward to its next goals with a big smile. In addition to being an impeccable professional, Vanya is also one of the most sophisticated ladies in the team, whom we all sincerely admire.

Evelyn Tsaneva

Brand Manager

Evi, as we all call her at the clinic, is our creative person and "spokesperson". She came to us with the intention of becoming our patient, and became part of our united team. In addition to being responsible for our advertising and presentation, her most important mission is to develop the IMPRESSION DENT brand and take care of our impeccable image.


Sales specialist

A graduate of the University of Vienna, Lorina combines finesse and iron discipline. After successfully graduating as a pharmacist in the Austrian capital, Lorina returned to Bulgaria and today finds satisfaction in supporting our patients on their journey to transform their entire smile.

She is the person who will welcome you with a smile and help you organize your entire treatment - from the first visit to the preparation of the treatment and financial plan. In his free time, he is a nature and animal lover. She dreams of one day creating her own cosmetics brand.


Front of house

Vicky is the first smile you'll see as soon as you step into Impression Dent. She is the person who will take care of your comfort in the clinic and will answer all your questions. Combines the work in the clinic with the successful study of law at the university. In her spare time, Vicky is a sports and art person. She was professionally engaged in sports dancing. What gives her real pleasure is drawing, and the smile never leaves her face.



For Gehry's work as a dental technician, we can say that it has been compared to jewelry art. Her dedication, diligence, precision and attention to detail are the formula for every beautiful smile. She graduated from the Medical College in Sofia in 2014 and since then has been dedicated to the cause of helping patients smile without worries. In your free time, you practice yoga and meditation, which teach calmness and patience. And you draw your strength and inspiration from nature.
Завършва Медицинския Колеж в София през 2014г и от тогава е посветена на каузата да помага на пациентите да се усмихват без притеснения. В свободното си време се занимава с йога и медитация, които я учат на спокойствие и търпение. А силите и вдъхновението си черпи от природата.